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I'm so glad you found me. 
Traveling is my thing, and if you're looking for unique unforgettable group trips with other solo women, you are in the right place!
We often don't make more time for ourselves and do what we really want and should do.
Whether we are single, dating, or married, we all need time away to travel somewhere new and experience something different, and why with other women, well, we "just get" each other! Traveling with other women can help in so many ways by helping us find ourselves, experiencing something new and unique, laughing with women we just met who become friends, and remembering our trip for months and years to come! 

I've traveled to 25 countries so far and know all about being somewhere that is different and where you don't know the language. I host and go on every trip I create, so I'm there with you every step of the way.
Everything that goes into trip planning can be very overwhelming, time-consuming, and stressful but don't worry. I do everything down to the last detail, so all you have to do is secure your spot and show up.




Do you want to travel but can never find anyone to travel with?

Do you want to make friends and feel encouraged, uplifted, and supported by other women?​

Do you want the safety of traveling in a group with other women?

Do you have friends who talk about wanting to travel but don't ever follow through?

Do you just need to get away from your daily life for a little while?

Do you want the ease of just selecting which group trip you want to go on and just show up?

​Do you want to take the trip of a lifetime and have unforgettable memories, try new experiences and have photos to remember it by?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone, and I can't wait to meet you and see you on my next amazing trip!



On my trips, we see the places and country authenticity, see the sights, do fun activities, eat great food, and stay in beautiful villas and hotels. We have time for relaxation and free time, have numerous photo opportunities, and have the best quality knowledgeable local guides, all while having the best time of our lives!
On my trips, there is No mass tourism. No following the umbrella. No gigantic buses. I keep my groups small, anywhere between 6-14 women depending on the destination and type of trip. I create them like this so it feels more personal and we can all feel connected. Along with the ease of being in a smaller group, staying in really cool places, walking around, experiencing the sights, and doing fun activities while being transported around in smaller vehicles, I've found it is a much better style.
I love taking pictures of people and places, so ill always be around when you want your photograph taken. We usually have a professional photographer with us, too, so you will always go home with incredible photos.
I spend hours researching and planning every detail, creating a custom experience, hand-picking knowledgeable guides, excellent and unique hotels, delicious restaurants, and fun activities. Some who know me may even say it's my love language because I have so much passion for it!


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"Travelling is like a breath of fresh air to the soul'"

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